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Pregnancy is different for everyone and labor can be completely unpredictable. However, being prepared to make informed choices for you and your baby’s health throughout both will help you navigate whatever comes your way with confidence in your pregnancy and have a positive birth experience.

Planning for an Empowered Pregnancy Ebook is designed to provide basic guidelines and resources to save you time and confusion in kick-starting your journey to having a healthy and empowered birth! 

Are you ready to experience your dream pregnancy and birth?

Learn how to plan for an empowered pregnancy and birth!

Planning for an Empowered Pregnancy E-Book

We get it, there's a lot to do as a mama to be. But, is all of it actually necessary? Access a checklist of all the important things to check off before baby comes to make sure you're not wasting your time! 

Preconception to Pregnancy

Don't overwhelm yourself with hours  searching for all the things you need to do to prep for your birth or hospital stay. This book provides you with all the plans to have in place, packing lists, and check lists of important to do's! 

How to prep for labor day

You'll find evidence based information as to why these birth workers are so important to include in your team. PLUS, a list of doula interview questions you should ask!

Why Doula, Chiros, and educators
Make a world of a difference

The environment and care providers you choose can make or break your experience. Access all the right questions to ask in your interviewing process! 

Important questions to
 Ask providers

Gain support in choosing a team that fits your unique needs and explore ALL the options! You'll receive a list of recommended providers and support people you may want to consider for a great birth experience.

Support to build your birth team

Get crystal clear and explore what your wants and needs in ANY environment are to allow you to feel comfortable and confident in birth!

How to get clear on what you want

What you will learn in this book:


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Planning for an Empowered Pregnancy Ebook

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